• Changes.....

    Change and risk have always given me extreme anxiety...I think this is the reason I never talk about what I'm up to. I tend to just do it, then I panic and after I realize it's not so bad. Last week I decided I needed a major change in my art practice. I went to go see a tiny art studio in Brooklyn, not really thinking anything would come of the situation. I got to the space earlier than expected and waited patiently in the lobby. When I saw the space I was taken aback at just how "tiny" the studio was. A whopping 40 sq.ft! I was surrounded by four walls with, barely enough space to stretch. I asked her how many other people were interested and she said a couple people were and that she couldn't guarantee that the place would still be available the next day. I hadn't brought my checkbook with me, so she told me if I wanted the place to call her the next morning when they opened. After I left, I called my Dad and asked him what he thought of the price and space. His answer was he had no idea what I should do. Which made sense, considering he doesn't live in NYC and isn't familiar with the crazy Real Estate market. The only thing he said was that I knew how I wanted to work and that if it didn't like it, it’s only a one-month lease. And it's true; it is only a one-month lease. At first I saw this as something negative, but it allows more flexibility in my decision-making. If I don't enjoy it, I can return to making art in my room. If I do, I can try to get another available space at the same location or find one in a different location. Needless to say, I called the place back and I asked if I could put a security deposit on it! So starting tomorrow I have a new, tiny art studio in Brooklyn. I feel anxious, but I do not regret the decision I made. I will need to readjust my schedule, which will take some time, but I'm excited for this new adventure. 

    “Action is the foundational key to all success.” - Pablo Picasso