• A Week Later

    I've been in the space for a little over a week, and in that time I've had a love-hate relationship with my process. The first night I went to the space paint, the energy just felt wrong. I couldn't get anything down on paper that I liked, and I even hesitated when placing any mark. On top of that, I had to walk down a dark and creepy alley to get back to the train. Ugh. The second night went a lot smoother. I got there at a resonable time and started to settle into the space. As of now, I've developed a routine and I've set boundaries for the space. "No phone calls, while in the space and avoid texting". The blocked off time is only for creating and being in solitude. I've learned how important it is to my sanity to distance myself from it all. I need to be able to be alone with my thoughts and ideas, so that they can remain untarnished by what others think. I re-read The Crossroads between Should and Must" by Elle Luna and I've re-affirmed myself that it is ok to not know the "Why" just yet, but it is important to learn the "What". I don't exactly know "Why" I felt I needed to get this studio (I could have painted in my room), but I do know "What" I'm doing there. I'm there to explore, to take risks and to step outside of comfort zone.